Why We Need an Ecomodernist Society?

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  • Because the worship of nature and the fear of growth and technology have become an impediment to both ecological and economic progress.  
  • Because it is not returning to nature but rather high density urban living that minimizes habitat destruction and allows nature to flourish.
  • Because 100% renewable is a failed theory that involves massive ecological destruction and ignores the safest and most effective clean energy solution: Nuclear Power.
  • Because rejection of the scientific consensus on Genetic Modification  will leave agriculture defenseless against increased heat stress, drought, and insect infestation brought on by a hotter planet.  
  • Because advances in modern medicine and genetic engineering are indispensable in warding off disease pandemics such as Covid.
  • Because, ultimately, we could only save the Earth by tapping into the infinite resources and possibilities outside our planet.
  • Because it is only through a new Environmentalism 2.0 that supports the advancement of science in the service of humanity that we could rise to the many ecological challenges that we face and it is only through our collective effort that we could bring that change about.  

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